Outdoor Wedding Invitations Tips

How nice to get to the stage of choosing the wedding invitations , is not it? It is at this time that the record falls that your dream will come true.

And the cold in the belly is inevitable, because there are many preparations. The wedding invitations themselves involve a number of decisions to be made.

Wedding invitations should have the personality and taste of the bride and groom, match the theme and decoration of the party or at least match the color palette chosen for the event. The reason is very simple: the wedding invitation is a preview of what the guests can expect from the big day. So capriche.

How Did The Wedding Invitation Come About?

In ancient times, the wedding invitation was not made through paper or written message, but rather verbal. A messenger went to the guests and announced to each one that his presence would be an honor for the couple and their families.

It was in Europe that the wedding invitations were consolidated as an item to be well worked and handed out. And, from there, the invitations became part of all the organization and planning of the wedding.

Key Styles Of Invitations According To The Theme

See some of the invitations that may be your choice.

Traditional Invitation

The traditional invitation has that classic style, with pastel colors, sober. It is elegant and refined. The fonts used for the text are also often the traditional ones, which complement the style.

Elegant And Delicate Invitation

A beautiful and very delicate invitation can have details in lace, satin, ribbon bows in noble fabrics. These details leave the invitation sophisticated and very delicate. Lace, satin and ribbons in noble fabric leave the invitation more sophisticated. See here 8 models of income invitation.

Modern Invitation

A modern, stripped-down and fun invitation can have textured paper, be done in bold colors and with 3D images and effects. Here at Livingstontrending you can get more different models and styles. Models of puzzles, caricature of the couple and everything that the imagination of the couple wishes. He conveys the idea that marriage will have no formality. If that is your wish, invest in style.

The invitations can also be opened and surprise the guests with a blank message with a dark background, simulating a blackboard, as if it were a restaurant menu.

Rustic Invitation

It uses different textures, natural materials such as straw, dried flowers, wheat, cinnamon stick. It has an artisan appeal that makes it charming. The paper can be recycled or craft. Learn here how to make a recycled paper at home.

This type of invitation is beautiful and fits well with weddings that have the proposition of being outdoors.

How To Choose The Type Of Paper For The Invitation?

As we advance, recycled paper, for example, “home very well” – wedding puns. rs – with rustic invitations, although there are other papers that are also firmer and have a less delicate appearance that harmonize with this idea. Aged paper shades look great too.

In general, it is interesting that the chosen papers, even the most sophisticated ones, are thicker, so that the paper does not spoil or easily love. We want it to be durable and sturdy in extent. For this reason, if the paper you want is too thin, have the thickness increased.

The wedding invitation paper should have the style you want for the invitation itself and for the wedding. So there are roles that range from the most sophisticated to the rustic.

The most common types of paper for more traditional invitations are card type and aspen.

Different textured papers are a good request for creative and more stripped invitations. They run away from the traditional, usually. However, there are simpler textures that look beautiful, yes, with more classic invitations.

Ideally you take samples. Do not hesitate to request a full invitation to see if your chosen combination worked.

An important note is that you should focus on just one highlight in your invitation, that point that will be the detail that should make the invitations beautiful.

If the paper has a different texture, at the same time it has strong colors, has tissue application, different fonts and striking writing, all at the same time is too much information.

And, remember: let the invitation have the wedding identity, match the ceremony and the party. Have elements that refer to the celebration, as if it were the same entrance. Nothing more coherent than being part of it all.

Important Tips For Choosing The Perfect Invitation

The invitation should not just follow a trend. Think that the invitation should have all the elements and express all the love, the expectation and the dream of the couple to start a new life. He does not deserve to be just fashionable, does he?

Is there a picture of the couple they are in love with? It explains everything you feel for each other, and would you like to tell the world? What do you think, then, of putting this same color photo or black and white in your invitation? As a watermark or not, inside or outside the invitation, but in what is the announcement of the new phase of the couple?

Is there a symbol, phrase or something that represents you so well that you need to be in the invitation? See how best to include it in your invitations. In this article you can check ideas of invitations full of personality

If you are not a conventional couple, the invitations should not be either.

See In The Infographic Below The Information That You Can Not Forget To Put In The Invitation:

If the bride and groom’s parents are paying for the party it’s good to put them as hosts in the invitation.

It is imperative not to forget the place and time, any mistake of these can be embarrassing.

The RSVP is of paramount importance (more on the subject below).

Although it is an informal party, it is important to describe the costume appropriate to the event.

It is important to make clear in the invitation the address for delivery of gifts.

If the invitation is traditional, put an opening message.

If there is a pre- or post-wedding event, such as a brunch, the brunch must be informed in the invitation.

Will the wedding take place in a hard to reach place? Placing a map with the address will be a very thoughtful and friendly act.

Important note: Do not put the gift list in your invitation or attachment. Not a good tone. This information should appear in the specific location for this, which is the site of your wedding. Here you can create a wedding site, simple and safe.

Special Wedding Invitations

There are invitations that deserve to have a special appeal, show that those guests can not even miss the happiest moment of the couple’s life.

A select group of people can and should receive a different invitation because they will be key pieces in the ceremony.

Godparents Invitation

The groomsmen’s wedding invitation should contain, in addition to the basic information, also the ones that make them feel special because they have been chosen for such an important role in the marriage and in the life of the couple.

Besides a beautiful message, it is nice to still have some treats, such as miniature soaps, wipes, miniature of a bottle of liquor or whiskey, among others.

It is very beautiful the invitation inside a box with the pampering and a beautiful message from the bride and groom on the cover, the inside.

Girl And Girl Invitation

The girls and pages are special members of your party, because they are the guardians of the alliances. The invitation for dear children who will leave your ceremony much more beautiful and angelic should have playful and childlike elements.

It may be a little box with a lollipop inside and a message asking if he / she agrees to be a page / girl. It is not fluffy? It could also be a little bag full of candy, with the message on the outside. A grace is to personalize by placing, besides the child’s name, which is essential, also a photo of it.

For those who do not want to opt for sweets, you can have a little doll for the girl and little carts for the boy. A little gift so they can see how special they are for the couple and how happy they will be if they accept the invitation. Check out our list of invitation templates for girls and pajens and get inspired!

Invitation To The Family

When the family is numerous but lives in the same house, you can only send one invitation, but let addressed that the invitation is for an “X person and family.” Other family members who live in other addresses should receive an invitation to each member.

Do not you want to invite somebody’s family? No need! It’s your wedding, right?

When the invitation is addressed to a couple, if they are married, the name of the man should always go ahead. If they are boyfriends, the woman’s name may be the first. Do the couple have children? The invitation should be addressed to “name of spouse and family”.

If you do not want children and stepchildren to go, you can simply put the name of the couple without the “and family”.

If you want to invite a friend who is divorced but wish to invite the ex-husband who lives at another address, the invitation to your friend should be written as “friend and family name” (if she has children who live with she), and another invitation only in the name of her ex-husband should be delivered at his address.

Diy: Make Your Wedding Invitations Yourself

With spray paint and one of those traditional crocheted washcloths, you get a super gorgeous and delicate effect on your wedding invitation. It is up to you to choose the paper material.

For the text of your invitations, the choice of source is crucial. You can choose up to two different sources, but harmonize with each other, and leave in italics the information that should be highlighted. It is very important that they be beautiful sources, but, above all, they must be readable.

If you are to make this art at home, the invitation should be created in a graphic program, and the choice of resolution should be 300dpi, so that the quality is the best possible. You must create a new file so that you can customize it with the height and width measures you want for your invitations. Be sure to check out our list of how to make wedding invitations, 6 simple and easy ideas.

The invitations can be of very good quality, yes, but you will need a minimum knowledge to master the program. If you prefer not to take a risk, pay for the text and impression of the invitation and just give your special touch. Always make a test invitation, to see how it is, before producing the others, not to lose material and investment.

The Importance Of RSVP In Your Invitation

First, what does this RSVP mean ? Responding, RSVP is the abbreviation for “Répondez S’il Vous Plaît”, which means “Answer, please”. This message is nothing more than the request to confirm attendance at an event.

As we speak, in the invitation, there can be this request, these four letters that are part of something fundamental. You need to plan to receive the guests, and now you need to know how many go into space planning to greet everyone, plus food and beverages.

You can put the RSVP with a telephone on the side of the invitation so that the guest can make contact through the telephone number informed on the invitation and tell them whether or not you want to tell them about your participation in the party.


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