Careful with The “Operation Bikini Espresso”

In this time of good weather, it is common to have wanted to do all kinds of outdoor activities. On the beach, swimming pool, mountain… You like to enjoy the good weather, put the bikini or bathing suit and enjoy the Sun. This makes that quite a few people point to what might be termed”operation bikini espresso”, i.e., wanting to lose weight and get in shape fast.

From HowStuffWorks are numerous tips to maintain and improve the health and physical condition throughout the year. We have even developed a special to get in shape of face to the summer. We already know that the rush are never good counselors, and have not achieved throughout much time not going to get now, as much as we pretend losing people and get in shape fast Once we’re in summer.

I read in the newspaper ABC an article that deals with this topic, where it mentions that diets to lose weight quickly and excessive exercise can be more harmful than beneficial. Summer is a good time to exercise and healthy habits, but not be expected starting intense exercise during the hottest of the year. A body not accustomed to this exercise is easy to suffer dehydration or other complications arising excessive training.

In the ABC article also points out the danger of “miracle diets”, whether it’s with their own name, or simply inventions making some skipping meals, reduce amounts without any criterion or kill hunger because Yes. In addition, reminds us of the so-called “rebound effect”, whereby, if you lose 8 0 9 kilos quickly and uncontrollably, It is easy that you then recover the double.

A healthy and varied diet, with foods high in water and low in calories and nutrients, progressive and adapted exercise to the needs of the person and, above all, consistency, they will do that bikini operation will succeed, although it is not for this year but for coming. Lose a few pounds and get into the swimsuit last year has no merit, that has merit is to improve health to reach the summer coming, and all those who are enjoying in good condition.